June/July: Losing track of time

But I haven’t even been on vacation properly yet! 🥺 I did have a few days off with my friend for a very mini-vacation and another couple days are coming up, but I’ve been so envious of everyone on their summer vacations. 😅

Ah, well. I don’t like to travel in the summer (because I’m not a fan of heat or crowds, really), so even though I’ve been in a holiday mood and not doing much when it comes to writing or creating (whoops 🤭), I’m waiting for my vacation in autumn. I think that’s what I enjoy most about being a working adult instead of a student, haha — that I get to choose when I have my holidays (and avoid all the peak period crowds).

Okay, I kept putting off doing the June round-up, because I was totally on track for all my June goals until I shifted locations for 2 weeks right before the last week of June, and… ended up not doing anything after. 🙃 Well done, me. Now I’m back home but it takes time to readjust to my old schedule. I’m not doing it very well so far. 😂 The only good news I have is that I’ve finished a part of a secret creative project I’ve been working on, and I’m going to get back to writing soon. (Or at least try to.)

This secret creative project will be revealed end of the month. I’ll make a video and everything. (Or try to.)

So here are some things I did back in June:

  • Wrote almost 10,000 words for Something Better! Almost. Yikes. (In the end, I think I got 7.9k)

  • Started designing two prototypes for my new website layout… and stopped midway through. Here’s a look but I think I’m liable to change everything when I come back to it in August.

    Prototypes of new website layout for mobile and desktop.

  • Did some drawing. It was meant to be a sticker/GIF, but I haven’t exactly finished that part yet. Featuring an upcoming new character in The Rapihi Chronicles series (another thing I need to get on with writing). Here’s a look:

    Drawing on iPad of a blue dolphin in a bread basket.

  • And started on that secret creative project.

For July, since half of it is already over, I’m not that ambitious anymore. I just want to get in some words for Camp NaNoWriMo and maybe do a post when I’m done with that secret creative project. I haven’t been posting much lately and I want to post at least once a month. It’s a little ridiculous how little I post.

Work has been super busy, I’ve been doing so much more at work when I thought I was supposed to be able to get a lightened workload… Bah. I mean, I do enjoy what I’m doing, because I’m going deeper into the creative side of things, but… it makes me less interested in doing anything for my own social media accounts in my free time. Haha, the irony. I gave a presentation last week that went well, though, where I presented a bunch of ideas I had for content creation, and I jinxed myself because now I’m the one who has to create all of this content. 😂 One of my ideas was a comic, so now I also have to draw a bunch of comics for work. What. 🤭 (Why am I suddenly drawing so much instead of writing…? Urk. Drawing is not supposed to be my thing… 😅)

Oh, well. I guess work has been getting interesting, at least. I just wish I had more creative brain cells left over at the end of the day to work on my own projects. I keep feeling this anxiety because I feel like I’m so behind on all my creative projects, especially my writing ones. Writing is supposed to be my thing! I need to write! 😭

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