Feb 2023: Designs, re-designs, and wax seal stamps

It’s been a busy February and will continue to be an even busier March ahead! 🤪 My work training is starting soon and I only have time for a quick one, so here goes:

  • Project: Leaf🍃 is still coming very slowly along! The re-design is mostly done, and I’ve been working on prep for the other things related to it.
  • One of these things include a wax seal stamp, which I’ve decided to make on an absolute whim, after seeing an Instagram reel where someone made some wax seals. So I decided to adapt Design 3 (which was meant for a shirt I was planning to make last year) for the stamp.
  • I finished a first design of an emblem and sent it in.

    Design of emblem in circle framed by 2 dolphins holding up a crest

  • The stamp came back looking like this. All the intricate little details were just dots and blobs, because the stamp was too small to capture all of them. Even my little dragon Rapihi couldn’t be seen.

    A wax seal stamp with not-so-visible details

  • I then decided that I needed to do a re-design. Now that I had a protoype of how it would look, I focused on bolder lines and big shapes so that they could all turn out clearly when engraved onto the stamp. The re-design looked like this:

  • Sent it in again, and… ta-da! It worked well this time!

  • Here’s a little time lapse video of how the drawing of Design 3 (and its re-design) went. I’m still using the original Design 3 for the shirt, so it’s not wasted.


  • Other than that, I did do much more writing for both my WIPs: Untitled Dragon Project🐉 and Something Better🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. I started a new habit where I tried to write every day — but instead of counting the words, I kept track of the amount of time I spent writing instead. Without the stress of the word count bearing down on me, I managed to write way more than I usually would have! I also wrote for 2 weeks straight (with weekends off, of course), and only stopped because my work training started this week and it’s way too intensive for me to keep writing at the same time.

  • Speaking of work training: It involves digital storytelling in various formats… and I’ve gotten to know a lot of new ways and platforms one can use to create stories! 😍 I’ve been having so much fun creating this entire week, even though I got none of my own writing done. I did manage to write some scripts, create and narrate some videos, and make some little multimedia books as well. Here are some examples:


Today’s my last day of training, before I go off on my vacation tomorrow. (And thereafter, a business trip. 😬 It’s going to be so tiring, flying to and fro.) My vacation is actually a research trip for my WIP Something Better🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, so hopefully I get tons of inspiration that will help me finish the rewrite!

All writings, stories, and illustrations – unless otherwise stated – copyright © 2021 Kassie N (dear-llama). All rights reserved.

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