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Illustration of Kassie N (dear-llama). Girl with shoulder-length black hair and dark eyes looking back over her shoulder.
Fantasy/Romance writer. Draws and designs stickers, postcards, and other crafts.

Writing, reading, and creating in the midst of living life. If you’re familiar with my (very, very old) Romance stories on FictionPress, Wattpad, and Inkitt, please give me the benefit of the doubt — I promise I write better now. 🫣 Find me on social media for more writing updates and other creative projects!

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Magic Story 🔮

Grief. Time magic. Moving on.

“The future wasn’t something mortals were meant to play with. And, as a reminder, the Fates would always find a way to exact revenge on those with the hubris to try.”

Draft 1 completed, awaiting edits
25,051 words

It started out as an exercise in writing without going back to edit before it was done. I meant for it to be a short story, but just kept writing and writing, and ended up with a novella! In the process of the world-building, I got inspired for a sequel… and also designed a sticker, a cover and bound the manuscript into a book.

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Magic Story 2 🗡️

The system. Two sides. And one secret fight for freedom.

“If the world is determined to hate me without cause, I’ll set it on fire to give them a reason.”

Draft 1 in progress
Currently working on: Chapters 5 & 6

Once again, it’s getting much longer than I expected (>27,000 words and I’m barely halfway through). Focused on finishing Draft 1, but after that I want to do a bookbinding as well!

There’s also going to be be a Magic Story 3 — I got inspired halfway through again… This might never end. 👀

Creative projects

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While my main passion is writing, I also often get random ideas for other creative projects! Some of them include designing and making postcards, stickers, coasters, shirts, sprayed book edges, bookbinding, and whatever else comes to mind.

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