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Illustration of Kassie N (dear-llama). Girl with shoulder-length black hair and dark eyes looking back over her shoulder.

Writing, reading, and creating in the midst of living life. Read my (very, very old) stories on FictionPress, Wattpad, and Inkitt (and try not to cringe — I promise I write better now). Find me on social media for more writing updates and other creative projects!


Current WIPs:
Magic Story 🔮 & Magic Story 2 🗡️ (working titles)

Magic Story 🔮
A Romantasy novella about grief and healing — and time magic.

It started out as an exercise in writing without going back to edit before it was done. I meant for it to be a short story, but just kept writing and writing and ended up with a 25,000-word novella! While writing it, I also got inspired with an idea for a sequel… so Magic Story 2 🗡️ was born.

Anyway! I did up a quick cover design and bound Draft 1 of Magic Story 🔮 into a book. Now it’s patiently awaiting editing. 🙂 I hope to edit it and send it out for beta reading sometime before end of the year.

Magic Story 2 🗡️
A Romantasy novel about prejudice, oppression, and freedom. Set in the same world as Magic Story 🔮, but not a direct sequel.

Now working on Magic Story 2 🗡️ — it’s way longer than I expected (20,000 words and I’m barely halfway through). Planning to make a book cover and trailer eventually… just gotta finish writing Draft 1 first.

(There’ll probably also be a Magic Story 3 — I also got inspired halfway through writing Magic Story 2 🗡️… this might never end. 👀)


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