Camp NaNoWriMo Wrap-up!

✨TA-DA!✨ April is over, and so is Camp NaNoWriMo! πŸ• I managed to hit my 10k word count goal a couple days before Camp was over, so I did get to relax a little towards the end. πŸ˜†

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished during Camp! I started the month of April with a completely blank slate for Something Better, and ended it 3 chapters in and still going strong (I hope! 🀞). I also started the sequel toΒ The Rapihi Chronicles and managed to finish the first chapter, although that did peter off a little… Auld Lang Syne, the third project I aimed to work on for Camp, was unfortunately left untouched, whoops. But I’ve decided that since the writing is going well with Something Better, I will keep at it for now. Might as well stay with the momentum! πŸ’¨

And now, for my goals this month!

  • Write 10k words for Something Better

In May, I’d like to continue with Something Better as much as possible, so I’ve set another monthly word count goal of 10k. I saw someone post a question on Instagram Stories a while back, when spring had just begun, asking: “What would you like to accomplish this season?” And the answer that immediately came to my mind was, “to finish writing half of Something Better“. So I’d like to try doing that. I get the feeling the novel will be longer than 60k words, but I’d like to at least finish 30k by the time summer rolls around. β˜€

GIF of blue dolphin pacing left and right while thinkingOh! I almost forgot β€” I drew and created a little sticker on the last day of April featuring one of the new characters from The Rapihi Chronicles 2. I’ve uploaded it onto GIPHY, and it can also be accessed on Instagram by searching @dear-llama. 😎 Making it was fun, so I’d like to do a few more, featuring (of course) more characters from The Rapihi Chronicles! 🐬🐲

  • Read more books

I’ve been reading so much in April, I hope to keep this going in May as well. I made a Reel on Instagram featuring the books I’ve read (about 10!), which I’m pretty proud of, so check it out. 😜 Anyway, I was way behind on my Goodreads challenge for 2022, but my reading binge in April helped me get all caught up. I’m already eyeing a couple more books from my to-read list, so hopefully May will be another productive reading month! I’d also like to return to reading writing craft books, which I stopped in April. This month’s book, as decided by a book club I’m participating in, will be Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life. I’ve already borrowed the eBook from my library, so I’ll have to get on that soon. πŸ“–

  • Revamp the layout on this site

I’ve been talking about this since Camp started in April, and now that Camp is finally over, I can get on it! I have some ideas on how I want to change the layout, but I’ll take some more time to plan and draft. I’d like to make posting more user-friendly for myself, so I’ll feel more inclined to post more frequently. πŸ˜… It might take a while to figure that out!

I’m sure other things will pop up as the month progresses, but these are my main goals for May. I’d also like to keep doing a weekly check-in with regard to my writing, so I’ll try to keep that in mind. It’s unreal how the time flies by, huh? Pretty soon, it’ll be June, and half the year would have gone past already. 🀭 I’ve also been thinking about finally returning to overseas travel, either near the end of the year or next year at the latest. I’ve missed travelling! ✈

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