Branching out in February

A quick mid-month update! 😎

So β€” funny story. I actually started writing this entry a whole week ago, but ended up so busy at work (and after work with my creative projects) that I didn’t have time to continue it until right now. And so much has changed since then!


For one thing, in my previous draft for this entry, I was talking about how I’d finally managed to finish “that pesky scene” in Something Better draft 2.

Here’s the snippet:

But in the time that I took to continue this post, I’ve gotten stuck again on Chapter 14, turned things over and over in my mind, come close to start another rewrite without completing this particular draft, gotten inspired to do a mood board (one of my February goals)… actually done the mood boards:

and, while working on the mood boards, got a lot more ideas for various scenes, and eventually came to the decision to discard the 75k words I’ve already written for draft 2 and start a whole new rewrite. πŸ₯² I will be keeping the important scenes, so the backbone of the story stays, but I want to flesh out the existing characters, add new characters, and give the story a whole new direction. πŸ›€

The mood boards have given me a better feel for each character, so I want to try making them too for the other major characters in the story. I’ve already found the perfect picture for Kjell. πŸ˜† Thanks to these mood boards, I’ve spent the whole of yesterday and today thinking about this story, which is something I haven’t done in a long, long time. I’m excited to work on it! Even if it might take me a while to get to rewriting because I can foresee the mood boards taking a while yet.


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have already seen me rambling on and on about something I call the Untitled Dragon Project. 🀣 It all started from an idea I came up with while on the metro, bored to death of the daily grind. I started thinking, “Wouldn’t it be far more interesting if there were some dragons hanging around here?” 🐲 And I started imagining different types of dragons, big and small, lurking in various corners of the carriage. And on the platform. And while I was walking to my workplace. That eventually became something of a hobby, and when I mentioned this to some people, they also started (ahem) imagining dragons around them. πŸ™ˆ I love that! Watch me become a trendsetter… πŸ˜‹

Anyway, because I’ve always found dual swords quite cool and recently wanted to learn sword-fighting (which has so far remained a dream), the idea of a sword-wielding, dragon riding female protagonist came to mind one day. And, since I was in the shower at the time, by the time I emerged, I had the main character, her dragon, and the premise of a fantasy story in mind. πŸ˜† After I jotted them down, I talked about the project online and a writer friend shared a superb story idea of his for this project and told me to do whatever I wanted with it. 😳 It’s amazing how much support I’ve gotten for this project, and it barely even exists yet. πŸ₯°

I also did some sketches for a dragon design I had in mind:

The version shrouded in darkness was an accident when I dragged the paint bucket over the layer, but I thought it gave the picture a vibe that might inspire something. πŸ€” The quote in the first picture is from the newest character I’ve thought up for the project, who, well, works with wild dragons.

I haven’t done much for the project other than jotting down the odd scene that comes to mind (wrote my first action scene that way!). Since I’ve never written anything in the fantasy genre before, this project involves me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. I’m going to take things slow, have fun messing about, and see where it goes. πŸ˜„ I’ve always liked to challenge myself by doing new things when it comes to my creative projects, so with this project: it’s time to begin! 🀘

(Okay, I really need to stop with the Imagine Dragons references. 🀣)


The last of my current projects (still can’t believe I’m juggling 3 at a time β€” 4 if you count Auld Lang Syne, which I’m only returning to next month) is a music project that has been a long time in the making. I’m only working on a part of it right now, and I won’t go into much detail yet, because I want to leave it for when I’m done with this particular part. I’ve given myself a deadline, so hopefully it all works out! 🀞

And that’s pretty much my update so far. I feel like I need to try blogging more, because I’ve been working on my creative projects almost daily and every time I come to update, I have to spend a long time gathering my thoughts, since I don’t remember what’s happened since I last posted. πŸ˜… There’s always so much that has happened! Not to mention it’s been crazy hectic at work and every week feels like a month, somehow. I’m really losing track of time these days. πŸ₯²

But at least I’ve been productive!

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